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What's New Current Versions

Version 2 of ToolTime:

We are in the process of final design review and alpha testing of critical components of the much anticipated Version 2 of ToolTime.  We will begin the final development phase in mid-June with beta testing slated to begin in late-July.

Coming in the next few weeks, we will have updated screenshots, feature lists, product specifications and a host of information about this very important release.

Jan 19, 2011
SchoolTime v1.99.5
May 28, 2009
ToolTime v1.96

Special Price Offer:

From now until July 31, 2014 we are offering ToolTime at a very special price.  Purchase of Version 1 of ToolTime will automatically qualify you to receive a free upgrade to Version 2 of ToolTime.  And this upgrade is to a full site license with locked in special annual support prices.

Website Changes:

After 12 years of service, it's about time to update our website.  So, in conjunction with the roll-out of information about Version 2 of ToolTime, we will be also introduce a completely rewritten / redesigned website.


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