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Privacy Statement:

We consider the information collected from you as private and personal and wish to be respectful of this data.  We will not sell, rent or make available any data we collect from you to any outside source.  It is used strictly for the purposes of sending demonstration software or notification of new products, pricing or services (and that only if you request it).

As software developers we are inundated daily with spam, junk mail and sales calls for products we have no interest in.  Since we dislike receiving it, we will afford you the same courtesy.  We will not make unwarranted sales phone calls and will only mail promotional material on a limited basis and then only when a special offer or a new update is available.

If you wish to be removed from our contact list.  Simply click here remove@dixoncreek.com.   Give us your name and mailing address and you will not receive any further mailings, notices or contact from us.

Email: info@dixoncreek.com
Phone:  888.349.6627
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