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Client Testimonials

The following are just a few of the nice things our clients have had to say about our software and services...

"I would like to personally express my gratitude to the folks at Dixon Creek Software.  You make my job easier and the administration of large enterprise networks a breeze.  My first experience with DCS has been within our school district over the last two years and I am thoroughly impressed!  Previously, as a technology consultant for over twelve years supporting customized and proprietary software applications, it's refreshing to still find a company who believes in real customer service.  Our schools have been using SchoolTime since it was first introduced.  We have multiple campuses with many users and DCS is always ready and willing to help with any issue that may arise.  Whether it's a user with simple questions or a network engineer with implementation issues, the people at DCS quickly respond at a level appropriate for the customer they are dealing with.  We can also depend on the SchoolTime program to get the job done.  With many different programs to cover all the needs of our district, we can always count on SchoolTime to work as expected.  From tracking attendance to printing graduation transcripts the program works great!"
- Rainier Christian School District

"Dixon Creek Software has just developed a program for our food processing business that has saved our company countless hours of manual record keeping and complicated calculations.  The data entry for our incoming raw product is seasonal and comes in, in a very short period of time in large quantities.  Our product must be weighed at delivery, washed, dried, sized, sorted and graded.  At the end of this process, each delivery has a payment due for the number of pounds delivered.  The program that Dixon Creek Software developed is able to keep track of each and every pound throughout this process, to the final payment.  The software program is doing a beautiful job of keeping up to the minute totals for each delivery as well as providing reports at a push of a button for anything we might want to know.  The data entry is totally painless, very fast and perfectly accurate, since it takes care of all the mathematical calculations.  We were particularly impressed with Dixon Creek Software's personal attention to the unique features and details of our business and their ability to develop a program that fits us perfectly.  The final product has far exceeded any of our expectations!"
- PJ Ehli Company

"The staff at Dixon Creek Software did a fantastic job developing our computer software system!  Their final product far exceeded our expectations.  We needed a unique system designed to collect, manipulate and disseminate data.  DCS staff were able to understand the complexity of our needs and designed a system to meet our current and future goals.  I know I can count on Dixon Creek Software for all our current and future computer programming needs."
- Economic Information Specialist - Oregon State University

"We have used the services of Dixon Creek Software for over 10 years and have found their support extremely helpful.  They are very knowledgeable and diligent in their field of software development.  They have a friendly and courteous attitude and are willing to respond to our software needs quickly when needed.  I would highly recommend them to anyone needing software services."
- Stuewe & Sons, Inc.

"Dixon Creek Software is one of the best database trouble shooters and emergency solution providers in the country.  I have been able to depend on their services and expertise for over 12 years."
- City of Corvallis, Public Works Dept.

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards your company's excellent technical service.  I travel to many of our treatment plant sites throughout the USA and I am always just a phone call away from help.  Your staff has assisted me through some difficult situations with very little trouble.  Even when I was in Brazil, South America, they were a tremendous help to me when some of our project's software fouled up."
- OMI/Rialto

"The technical support I have received from Dixon Creek Software is far superior to any other I have experienced.  The support staff at Dixon Creek Software is very knowledgeable, available and willing to help in any way possible.  SchoolTime was certainly the right choice for us!"
- Champion Christian School

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Phone:  888.349.6627
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