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ToolTime Version 1:
Maintenance Management System

ToolTime is a program which can help you efficiently maintain virtually any equipment or facility.  Many years of experience in computerized maintenance management systems has gone in the development of ToolTime.

Among its many unique features, ToolTime allows for creation and editing of corrective, unscheduled work orders from a single screen.  The simple point-and-click interface makes it easy to enter information anywhere on the screen, and keeping the work order to a single screen keeps from time-wasting movement through the program to deal with a work order.

ToolTime also allows for easy scheduling, updating and tracking of preventive maintenance tasks, which will keep your equipment up and running, not to mention in warranty.  The maintenance tasks are user defined, and can exactly reflect what your equipment needs done.  Multiple tasks can even be updated at once!

Since different pieces of equipment invariably have different information associated with them, ToolTime provides facilities for storing this data.  Over 30 built-in nameplates will work for many common equipment types, but ToolTime also allows for editing of these nameplates and creation of new custom nameplates.

Inventory tracking is also covered in ToolTime, allowing part availability to be tracked automatically.  Parts can even be assigned to employees for a work order, and if they are not actually used, returned to the system easily.

ToolTime comes with over 70 pre-designed reports, including a menu option for launching customized reports.  With a separate report writing package, you can customize reports to display any type of information ToolTime stores.

With flexible security options, powerful searching on IDs and locations and many other features, ToolTime is a great way to track, manage and maintain your equipment or facility!

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