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ToolTime Version 2:
Maintenance Management System

ToolTime Version 2 (TT2) is completely rewritten from the ground up using Visual Studio .NET, the latest development toolset from Microsoft.  In designing TT2 we paid careful attention to trends in software development tools and new operating systems from Microsoft.  Dixon Creek Software is committed to stay in step with Microsoft's vision for the future of desktop applications and enterprise software products.  ToolTime Version 2 is poised for the future.

Besides use of Microsoft Access as our basic database format, TT2 will also be able to take advantage of client-server databases such as Microsoft SQL Server data sources, hand-held devices for data collection, an adaptable SCADA API to allow direct collection of runtime data from online equipment and so much more...

TT2 is built with a busy maintenance department in mind.  A department that doesn't have time to plow through tons of features to get their work done.  There are no "bells and whistles" to clutter up your workspace.  Only the minimum amount of data entry is required to make the system functional (though the more information you add the better your results will be).  Straight-forward menu options that help you get you work done as quickly as possible are present throughout the system.

TT2 is full of new ease-of-use features that allow to get from one data element to another quickly.  No more cumbersome menus that require to close and reopen screens just to lookup information.

Future add-ons to TT2 will include a service request tracking system, a comprehensive equipment condition inspection system.  We will also be adding a full-featured vehicle maintenance package as well as modules for building infrastructure maintenance.

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